Hurricane Relief for Haiti

The Society of the Sacred Heart has been ministering in Haiti since 2000. Our main ministry is located in the Carredeux neighborhood of Port au Prince. We run a health clinic where people can walk in and be seen by a doctor (Sr. Valle Adame rscj), learn how to make and use natural remedies for common problems, and get referrals for more serious problems. The clinic specializes in malnutrition, glaucoma and asthma screening as well as biomagnetism treatments.

Though the house where the nuns live was not damaged by hurricane Matthew the roof of the clinic was blown off. Help is needed to replace the roof and any equipment and supplies that were damaged.  

In addition to the health clinic, the RSCJ conduct workshops on all of these topics in the remote mountainside areas surrounding Verrettes, the small town in the Artibonite region. We also provide some financial support to the Sacred Heart Teacher Training in the town of Verrettes, which is in its ninth year. Graduates of this program consistently get the highest scores in the national exams that they are required to take for certification. 

All gifts given for Haiti through the Society of the Sacred Heart will go directly to our Sisters in Haiti.